March 16, 2021
Conserve Energy

Heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy consumers in most homes. Energy bills rise during the winter because heating costs are a matter of survival. Fortunately, you can cut down on heating costs and save money on energy bills while still enjoying a warm, cozy, comfortable house. Consider these energy conservation tips for the next winter season.

1. Close Internal Doors

Keeping your internal doors closed all the time helps in trapping heat in each room. Consequently, you need less energy to warm up the house. You can even make rooms cozier with a thick mat to prevent heat from escaping through gaps underneath doors.

2. Close Curtains at Night

Windows allow warm air to escape outside and cold air into the house because they lack insulation. Therefore, you can conserve energy during winter by closing curtains and blinds when the sun sets to prevent the cold chills from cooling your house. It’s also wise to buy insulated curtains and drapes to optimize your window’s energy-efficiency.

3. Eliminate Drafts and Air Leaks

Sealing your home can significantly help to conserve energy during winter. The cost of weather-stripping and caulking will eventually pay off through energy savings over time. Weather-stripping can be placed around moving parts like window sashes and the door. Caulk is useful when used for openings and cracks between stationary objects like window and door frames.

4. Fill Up the Fridge

An empty fridge is likely to waste more energy than a full one because it works extra hard to keep items cool. Therefore, it’s wise to stock up your fridge to keep it cooler and save on energy. Therefore, shop big during winter to stock up your fridge and conserve energy.

5. Use Space Heaters

You can try using a space heater when you want to heat a small area. Space heaters are energy-efficient because they don’t lose heat through combustion or ducts. Conserve energy in your home using an electric space heater to heat your garage, bedroom, or bathroom.

Many of these tips will help you conserve heat even after winter is over. Talk to our team of heating experts to learn how you can conserve heat and still keep your home warm. We also specialize in plumbing jobs, electrical services, insulation installation, and heating and AC replacements. Call HighRidge Home Services & Construction to schedule an appointment with our professionals in El Paso. We look forward to serving your home climate comfort needs.

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