July 26, 2021
AC Efficiency in El Paso, TX

Making the best use of your air conditioner means maximizing the AC and minimizing related costs. This is achievable through cutting repair costs and minimizing AC usage. Here are tips that can help you make the best use of your air conditioner unit.

1. Ensure Your Home Is Sealed

You use your air conditioner to cool down your home from the external heat that seeps into it. However, you can minimize the load on your AC by sealing cracks around windows and doors. Not only will you save your AC from being overworked, but you’ll save money when it comes to your electric bills.

2. Keep the Sun Out

During summer, the sun is the biggest source of heat. You can use room-darkening curtains to keep the sun out. Without the sun penetrating your home, the temperatures remain relatively lower. This helps keep your AC from overworking.

3. Use Appliances That Don’t Give out Heat

It’s counterintuitive to use appliances that produce a lot of heat. For instance, you should get rid of bulbs and other appliances that heat your house. Instead, opt for energy-efficient bulbs and appliances. Doing so can keep your AC from running continuously.

4. Clear Blocked AC Vents

With blocked air conditioning vents, the airflow is extremely hindered. This causes stagnation of temperatures. As a result, there can be an air conditioner overload. Develop a habit of regularly cleaning your air vents and other components to allow the air to circulate properly.

5. Raise the Temperature

If you want to cut down on your electric costs, you might want to crank up the thermostat temperature. Essentially, more cooling leads to higher energy bills. Therefore, you should raise your thermostat temperature by a few degrees.

Huge repair and maintenance costs are not a great way to get the most out of your AC. For this reason, the above tips can help ensure you cut down on the costs. At HighRidge Home Services & Construction, we offer AC and heating installation, repair, and maintenance to El Paso customers. For more information on maximizing your AC, contact HighRidge Home Services & Construction today!

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