December 20, 2021
Commercial Construction in El Paso, TX

The process of constructing a commercial building or structure is divided into six stages. The first stage is planning and development followed by design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction. Commercial building construction starts with the visualization of an idea and the development of a multistage plan.

Planning and Development

During this stage, the construction company reviews the legalities of commercial building. The first step is to identify the permits that are required to build legally on certain land. Next, identify the local zoning laws that regulate which types of businesses can be built and operated in certain areas. Then, review the building codes that set basic standards for how the building must be constructed in terms of safety, quality and longevity.


The design process occurs at the drawing board or over the computer. Computer-aided design (CAD) software aids architects and custom home builders as they work out every detail of the property’s design on a graphical user interface. The different steps of the design process vary from the pre-design to the schematic design and the final drafts of the construction drawings.

Pre-Construction to Construction

Procurement is the process of acquiring the goods and services needed to start your construction project. This ensures that the builders receive all of the materials and products at the right prices, quantities and by specific deadlines.


After the construction work is completed, the project itself is not completed. The post-construction stage must include making final inspections, hiring a property manager, scheduling maintenance services and other tasks. The point is to eliminate problems that may occur after the building is constructed.

Start Your Building Process With Us

Hiring a qualified construction company is just as important as understanding every stage in the process of constructing a commercial building. Skipping a single step will undermine the entire project, resulting in costly renovations and never-ending delays. At HighRidge Home Services & Construction, our providers will create, develop and finish every stage of your commercial construction project in El Paso, TX. Contact us to start your consultation.

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