December 18, 2020

Homeowners may realize it is essential to clean an HVAC system. A furnace, in particular, might accumulate dirt and dust. The furnace itself isn’t the only part of the system to clean. The ducts might be dirty. Following a routine duct-cleaning schedule could restore them to a preferable condition.

A Common Recommendation

A credible source exists for those wondering how often to clean their homes’ ducts. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests that ducts receive a proper cleaning every three to five years. Perhaps cleaning them every three years may be preferable, as five years would give the ducts a long time to collect debris.

Timing the Cleaning

Any time of the year seems fine for duct cleaning. If the ducts are exceptionally dirty, “right now” might be the best time to book a cleaning. That said, spring might be an appropriate time since it comes after the heavy furnace-using winter season and right before the upcoming summer. Mild spring weather usually means the homeowner isn’t relying too much on the HVAC system for comfort, so why not book a cleaning?

Inspecting the Ducts

Yearly maintenance is commonly suggested to homeowners interested in keeping an HVAC system running in good shape. When an HVAC contractor performs an annual cleaning and inspection, ask the technician to check the ducts. Doing so could uncover any problems if they exist. Residents in and near El Paso could call HighRidge Home Services & Construction for heating and cooling services, including duct cleaning and inspections

When Troubles Arise

The three- to five-year schedule is not something that is always locked. At times, a more frequent cleaning schedule, possibly multiple cleanings in a single year, may become necessary. Pest infestations, mold and mildew growth, and other problems could necessitate a duct cleaning. Upon finding out the ducts are in undesirable condition, maybe it is wise to clean them.

Besides heating and cooling work, HighRidge Home Services & Construction handles mold removal, general construction, solar panel services, and other duties. Please contact our office to schedule a home visit.

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