January 5, 2021

During the wintertime, you’ll rely on your El Paso, TX home’s furnace for comfort. The furnace’s filter performs a critical role of trapping particles that could otherwise build up on the furnace’s interior parts or circulate in the air you breathe. Here’s what you need to know about changing your furnace filter and keeping your heating system in top condition.

Check the Filter Once Per Month

You should check your furnace filter every month. Set a reminder on your phone or an appointment on your calendar to do this. Pick a date that’s simple to remember, such as the first Saturday of each month. If you see buildup on the filter when checking it, remove and replace it.

Filter Changes Based on Thickness

Thin filters less than two inches in thickness should be replaced every one to two months. Thicker filters, which measure five or six inches in thickness, should last for three to four months.

Frequency of Filter Changes Based on Use

During a time of extremely cold weather or prolonged chilly weather, your furnace will cycle more frequently. The more often your furnace runs, the more frequently the filter will accumulate debris. During periods of high use, you’ll need to change the filter every one to two months.

Special Circumstances That Necessitate Frequent Furnace Changes

If you’ve remodeled your home, replace the furnace filter, even if it’s only one month old. You should also change the filter if someone in your home develops a respiratory illness. If you’ve noticed more dust or an indoor air quality issue, and someone in your home has a breathing disorder, change the filter monthly.

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