May 5, 2021
High Humidity in El Paso, Texas

As you may have suspected, high humidity can strain your air conditioner whether the source of the humidity is indoors or outdoors. Although you can’t control outdoor humidity, you can control the humidity inside your home.

Poor Humidity Control

Central air conditioning systems have humidity control features, but they could struggle with excessive humidity inside your home. If the system is overloaded, it may fail to adequately cool your home.

Higher humidity in your house causes you to feel hotter than you would at a lower humidity. You may need to install a dehumidifier if you’re having problems with excessive humidity indoors.

An Oversized AC

If your air conditioning system is too large, it may cause your home to be too humid, which in turn negatively impacts the system even more. Proper sizing of your AC is necessary to avoid cooling problems like inadequate cooling and high humidity. Improperly sized systems have shorter lifespans as well. Only choose an experienced AC installation company to install your new system.

An Old AC

Old age is another reason why an air conditioning system may fail to adequately remove humidity from your home. Air conditioning systems last 10–15 years on average. You can extend their lifespan by scheduling maintenance for them once a year. If it has recently become more humid in your home and your AC is over 10 years old, it may be time to replace it. An experienced AC company can inspect the system to determine if it’s possible to repair it. If the repair costs are too expensive for an old system, it makes more sense to replace it.

Don’t Leave the AC’s Fan On

It’s easy to assume that turning on the fan mode instead of auto would help prevent it from becoming too humid in your home. However, it’s best for the fan to be on auto. If the fan runs all the time, it could circulate moisture back inside of your home.

El Paso has a dry climate, so your AC won’t struggle as much with outdoor humidity as it would in a humid climate. However, indoor humidity is something you still need to keep an eye on. Various factors can contribute to excessive humidity inside your home. Know what these are so that you can prevent excessive moisture in the air.

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