October 20, 2021
Space Heater Safety Tips in El Paso, TX

At HighRidge Home Services & Construction, we want to make sure that everyone in the El Paso area is well aware of the fire safety rules that go along with owning a space heater. As a part of Fire Prevention Week, we intend to spread the word about space heaters and make see that everyone uses them the right way.

The Placement of Your Space Heater

It is vital that your space heater is placed on the floor. The surface should be flat, and the space heater should not be on a rug or carpet. It is also essential to ensure that your space heater is safe from flooding or having water spilled on or around it. This means that you should keep it out of the bathroom, even if the floor is cold.

Conduct an Inspection

Before plugging in your space heater, make sure to look it over carefully. First, inspect the cord to determine that it’s not frayed. Then, check the unit for any damage such as cracks in the housing.

Give Your Space Heater Some Space

A space heater should not have any objects within 3 feet of it. Consider moving furniture or other personal belongings away if necessary to ensure that there is not anything flammable near the unit.

Stay in the Room With the Space Heater

Many people get a space heater, plug it in and then go to another room or even leave the house entirely. They think that the device will warm the area while they’re away. It will, of course, but it might also burn the room down in the process. It is never safe to leave a space heater on and unattended. A space heater should be turned off if you go into another room and unplugged when you leave the house.

Install Additional Smoke Alarms

If you use space heaters in your home, it is a good idea to have many smoke alarms in your living areas and hallways. You should also check your smoke alarms and their batteries on a regular schedule.

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