March 15, 2022
Spring in El Paso, TX

The spring months are nearly here, which means it’s a great time to begin preparing your HVAC unit for the upcoming season. Doing a few activities on your own will help get your system well-prepared for spring. Contacting local HVAC professionals to inspect your system is also an excellent way to stay proactive, as they can quickly identify any problems and make the needed adjustments to ensure your system operates smoothly in the next few months.

Here are tips to remember while you are preparing your HVAC system for the spring season.

1. Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Keeping the entire area around your outdoor unit clean and free of debris will allow your system to work more efficiently. You will also reduce the chance of dealing with overheating issues by taking the time to remove overgrown weeds or leftover debris.

2. Replace Air Filters

Another way to get your system ready for the spring is to replace your filters. It’s a good idea to replace your filters every few months, but you will need to replace them sooner if you have young kids or pets inside of your home. A new air filter improves the efficiency of your system, which reduces your utility bill.

3. Turn on Your System

Turning on your HVAC system to let it run for a few minutes can help you identify any issues. You can also check each one of your air vents to ensure the air is flowing evenly. If you notice any issues, it’s a good idea to reach out to an HVAC company to investigate these problems and fix them before the spring season begins.

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