February 15, 2022
Furnace Life Expectancy in El Paso, TX

When your furnace is running smoothly, it’s easy to ignore the idea that it might eventually wear out. After all, it probably seems many years away. However, if you don’t practice proper furnace care, that time can arrive much sooner than you expect, saddling you with a major headache and a massive expense. With the following methods, you’ll keep your heating system healthy and performing at peak levels for longer.

1. Schedule Yearly Tune-Ups

Professional furnace maintenance benefits your household in numerous ways. You’ll be more comfortable, you’ll save money on energy, your furnace will last up to five years longer, and you’ll enjoy better air quality. Our skilled technicians at HighRidge Home Services & Construction can take care of these tune-ups for you; we’ll clean your furnace, improve its performance, and inspect it for problems.

2. Invest in Duct Cleaning

Your furnace will take on far less wear and tear if it has clean, open ducts to circulate air through. Dirt, dust, debris, and other particles accumulate inside your ductwork and can eventually form large obstructions. Not only will your home comfort suffer, but your heating system will deteriorate at a much faster rate. Plus, your energy costs will skyrocket. During duct cleaning, one of our technicians will also check for leaks or damage, which can be detrimental to furnace health.

3. Replace the HVAC Air Filter

Your household HVAC filter keeps your heating system running cleanly, and a clean furnace is a healthy, efficient furnace. However, if you leave the same filter in place for several months, so much dust and debris will accumulate that it will fail to do its job. Heat circulation will become a struggle for your furnace, and its life expectancy will shorten. Check this filter every month, and replace it when it gets dirty.

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